Pickleball challenges padel and lands in Rome: rules, ball and pitch measurements

It is played with the ‘shovel’ and a holed ball: this is the sport that is all the rage in the USA

Pickleball has conquered the USA. Now, she lands in Italy and prepares to threaten padel. The new sport of racket, belonging to the family tree of tennis, faces us after the stars and stripes boom, thanks to the presence on the court of champions who have made the history of rackets such as Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras. Pickleball is played on a court 6.10 meters wide and 13.41 meters long for both singles and doubles matches. Dividing the pitch is an 86cm high net at the center point.

The ball is made of plastic and has a series of holes: it is therefore lighter than those used on tennis and padel courts. The analogies with the latter, starting from the performance of the service, are not lacking. Compared to padel, obviously, the main difference is represented by the absence of side walls and windows. Furthermore, given the small size of the field, the no-volley area is delimited close to the net: in the 2.13 meters delimited by the line and the tape, the ball cannot be hit on the fly. In padel, this limitation does not exist. Scoring chapter: whoever gets 11 points and with a margin of at least 2 lengths wins the game. The standard format of a tournament has matches played to the best of 3 sets.

A first landing of pickleball in Rome will take place on Sunday 28 May, from 9.30 to 13.30, at the Palaurelio in Rome (Via Boccea 358) with the Roma Plays Pickleball event: with free admission, the event is promoted by the Asd Cheyenne, led by the president Simone Ferri, with the patronage of the XIII Municipality of Rome and CONI Lazio.

A mixed tournament is planned for those who already know the discipline and an open day for those who want to try rackets and balls with a “strange” and unfamiliar shape compared to tennis and padel.