Piero Angela, Alberto: “It was like having Leonardo da Vinci at home”

“He lived the last period with serenity, because he was satisfied with his life: a lesson for all of us”

“I had the distinct feeling of having Leonardo da Vinci at home because I lived it as a son, as a colleague, as a normal person who found himself in front of an eclectic mind, a person capable of always giving the right answer, in any sector, from the industrial field to that of research. He had an ability to synthesize, to analyze and to find the right answer in a calm way that then made everyone agree. He loved an aphorism by Leonardo da Vinci: ‘As a well spent day makes one happy to sleep, so a life well used makes one happy to die’. I think he interpreted it to the end. ”Alberto Angela thus speaks of his father, Piero Angela, in the Sala della Protomoteca in Campidoglio where the funeral home is located.

In fact, it was important for him to have a full life. And it is a suggestion that he gave to all of us: ‘Do like me, it will be easier to get to the end’. It is a teaching – highlights Alberto Angela – to love life, to cultivate all passions. That’s what he did: even if as a Turin he seemed very reserved, there was a fire inside, the fire of knowledge. He has made transmissions of all kinds, from economics to medicine. And he went through this last period with incredible serenity, I’ve never seen him in the throes of despair or sadness or pain “.

“A few years ago it was the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and I – says Alberto Angela – I insisted that we do something together and we made that episode. He returned to the places where he had seen the take off of Apollo 11. Once he Pulled out some photos too. Armstrong was there. He had a lot of experience. A life filled. This is very important. And it was one of the reasons he left satisfied, like when he gets up from a table after a beautiful dinner with friends. He went through this last period with a rationality, with his feet on the ground as if it were an Apollo mission. he would have stayed and done all the shows that are now airing on Superquark, another cycle. He also prepared a jazz record, going to record and coming back. He had incredible strength. He gave speeches to families. ari and then to you. After 24 hours he left. This serenity of him was possible because he had a rational, scientific approach but also full of life and love “.