Piero Angela, his son Alberto: “He taught me not to be afraid of death”

The words on the day of the opening of the funeral home

“I thank whoever is here, who is at home, who is in the square, the media. I am used to going off the cuff, but in this situation you will understand my difficulty. For me this is a difficult speech, I think that the people we love they should never leave us, but it happens’ “. She said it Alberto Angela in the hall of the Protomoteca before the opening to the public of his father Piero’s funeral homewho passed away on Saturday at the age of 93.

“So I would like to start from the last thing my dad did, his last speech that my sister and I transcribed, and it looks like a speech at the end of the evening to friends. People go away but the feeling remains, it is transmitted over time, transforming itself into value and values ​​remain forever. The last teaching my father did it to me not with words but with example, he taught me these days not to be afraid of death: he is the greatest fear of the human being he went through it with a serenity that struck me. For me it will continue to live through books, broadcasts, jazz records, but also in all those young people who have hope in the future and seek excellence, in researchers who try to reach their goal despite all the difficulties, in all people. who seek to unite and not to disunite, in people who seek the curiosity and beauty of nature, those who seek to savor life. The legacy he leaves us all is important, and it is a legacy not physical or work, but of attitude in life: what he ultimately told us was ‘You do your part too’. And I’ll try to do mine “.