Piero Angela, Maurizio Costanzo: “For me he was immortal”

The journalist: “In addition to being the prince of disseminators, he was a friend”

“I have rarely received such bad news: for me Piero Angela was a friend and he was one of those people who tend to be considered immortal”. Maurizio Costanzo remember so with the Adnkronos Piero Angela, who passed away today at 93. “Piero Angela for Italian TV embodied the possibility of talking about difficult things to everyone, if one knows how to do it. He was truly the prince of disseminators”, adds Costanzo.

“We had known each other since the beginning – says the journalist – since we were doing radio at the Rai headquarters in via del Babuino, in the building that is now the Hotel De Russie. We saw each other in what was then called Bar Menghi, behind Piazza del Popolo , he was often with us also with Enzo Tortora. Then, later on, we always felt and told each other that the important thing in order not to die is to always have new projects. For me it is really a sad day “.