Piero Pelù updates fans on his health after stopping concerts due to tinnitus

In the summer that’s keeping him off the stage, Piero Pelu he consoles himself as he can and appeals to fans to keep him company on social media, a means he uses to give everyone the latest updates on his health state.
The singer-songwriter, who at the end of June had told of having suffered an acoustic shock that they had aggravated tinnitus which he has been suffering from for years, he wrote that he was slightly improved thanks to the treatments you are undergoing.
In the selfie posted on Instagram, the musician shows his face and also the supplements that they prescribed to get back in shape. They are the protagonists of what he calls a “forced vacation”.

Hearing has improved by ten percent

Piero Pelù is specific in describing the treatment of supplements that are helping him to overcome the exacerbation of tinnitus of which has been suffering for some time.
One product in the morning, one in the afternoon and another in the evening, so the Florentine rocker is spending the summer days he had planned on stage with the tour concert series Extreme Live 2023 postponed for health reasons to 2024.
The desire to embrace the fans again, however, is great and Pelù took advantage of a post to ask those who follow him on Instagram, almost two hundred and sixty thousand followers, to share their best moments of the summer with him. “How are you doing and where are you? Send some photos?” wrote the singer-songwriter below the post. Needless to say, fans have been busy entertaining the recovering musician by wishing him well. Someone recommends remedies other than those photographed, others console him by telling him that they too share the same fate because of rock music. In any case Pelù seems to stay always better and in the caption he writes that the tinnitus is regressing: his hearing is improved by ten percent.

Piero Pelù working on the new album

Piero Pelù is taking advantage of this forced vacation to devote himself to composition and to production of the new album which, he says, is already giving him many emotions.
Therefore, the singer does not lose heart and, despite the content of some posts (in addition to the shot with the supplements, he had also recently published a photo before entering the MRI machine) admits that he is treasuring of this special moment in which he is obliged to take care of himself. As the spiritual father of his fans, Pelù invited his followers to protect your ears in noisy environments. Even at concerts, he writes, it’s a good idea to wear sponge caps, a small trick that can go a long way in preserving one’s health.