Pigeons “zombies” due to a lethal virus: it is alarm in Great Britain

A new disease is affecting British pigeons, turning them into “zombie” birds suffering from severe neurological symptoms. The alarm was raised by the Society for Prevention of the Cruelty of Animals from Jersey, an island in the English Channel. Pigeon Paramyxovirus virus (pigeon paramyxovirus or Ppmv) could be causing this disease.

Twisted neck and inability to fly

The birds that are affected have a neck so deformed that it is twisted, a strong weight loss, trembling wings that prevent the pigeons from flying and that in general makes them reluctant to move (and when they do they walk in circles), it makes theirs green. feces and can lead to the death of the sick animal. “There has been an increase in the number of pigeons recovered in recent weeks that show signs of neurological problems with twisted necks or are unable to stand on their paws,” said the bird rescue association.

Veterinarians: “Pigeons do not respond to drugs”

According to Bird Exotics Veterinary vets, contacted by ‘The Sun’, “the virus does not respond to medication although supportive care from a veterinarian can reduce the severity of the disease and increase the bird’s chances of survival.” Fortunately, “humans cannot contract the disease even if those who come into contact with infected birds can contract conjunctivitis”, they conclude.