Pino Insegno and the Mercante at the fair: “But what a flop, my goal is to double it”

The host comments on the ratings of the first episode: “The program closed on a high note”

But what a flopthe ratings are good, in line with the network, a little higher, the nice thing is that we finish the program with a 5% share so the program has grown and it closed on a high note. What we have to do us now And

try to double the audience
of that range”’. As Pino Teach to Adnkronos comment on the ratings of the first episode from ‘The Merchant at the Fair’, the early evening game show on Rai2 which debuted yesterday, obtaining 638,000 viewers with a 3.4% share. ”The public must discover that there is an agenda – underlines the host – after eight minutes of advertising the results we have obtained are already a miracle. The sums they can be pulled after at least two weekswe’re just getting started, the goal is to go better than the band which means achieving a 4, 5 or 6% share which would mean unprecedented success. All programs that are created must be given time to grow and be discovered – concludes Insegno – especially a daily newspaper. It will get better and better”.

(by Alisa Toaff)