Pio and Amedeo tell what they did before the success: the unexpected revelation

Pio and Amedeo told in an interview what they did before the success: the revelation of the comic duo.

Pio and Amedeo are today a comic duo much loved and appreciated by the public. The criticisms are no less, in fact there is a large part of viewers who follow them with gusto and another slice who doesn’t spare them negative comments. Their irony and their carrying things forward, even important issues, with that sort of strong irreverence, makes this happen.

Pio and Amedeo (credits: youtube)

They have always tried to break the so-called schemes and they have also done so with the new edition of Emigratis. Again, like the previous ones, the program had a large following. He really liked it but at the same time he raised several fuss. Recently the duo in an interview with Il Corriere revealed some anecdotes from the past, revealing experiences that then led them to where they are today.

Pio and Amedeo told what they did before becoming famous, starting from the beginning and revealing the path they walked to get where they are.

Pio and Amedeo, what they did before becoming famous: the confession about the past

In an interview with Il Corriere Pio and Amedeo told what they did before becoming famous. They went backwards by revealing some anecdotes from the past which were also very important in getting where they are today.

Apparently, as they reveal, they were inspired by two Foggia fans they met on a bus. During their career they have been through a lot, they revealed that when they left telenorba to go to Milan they went hungry: “When we left Telenorba to go up to Milan, we went to live with friends and relatives and we have definitively lost our dignity. The first to host us was a friend”, they reveal. When they went to this friend, they settled on the sofa, as explained and returned at three in the morning.

pio amedeo first success
Before the success (credits: instagram)

Pio and Amedeo started working in tourist villages as entertainment staff. Later the work in the clubs took over until the debut in Telefoggia. Amadeo jokingly said in the interview that his family wanted him to have a secure job, a permanent occupation: “My parents were pressing for safe accommodation, but I didn’t want to work every day“, he says ironically. Apparently, the comedy duo have come a long way before getting to where they are today. There was no shortage of difficulties along the way, sometimes they were hungry, they say. When they left Telenorba they moved to Milan where they initially lived off the hook of a friend. Today, however, Pio and Amedeo have achieved success, they are among the most loved characters in the world of entertainment, despite the fact that with their pungent personality and irony they divide a lot.