Pio D’Antini unrecognizable years ago: this photo of the past will leave you speechless

Pio D’Antini unrecognizable years ago: in this photo that dates back to the past he doesn’t look like him.

Pio D’Antini together with Amedeo Grieco have been forming a successful comic duo for years. Irreverent and often out of place for some jokes that let go, divide the audience. There is a part that supports them, who sees their attitude and what they say as a way to break rigid rules of society and who instead believes they are inappropriate and too superficial.

Pio D’Antini years ago (credits. Youtube)

From Wednesday 28 September they returned to television with their Emigratis show. A crackling return that saw the presence of many guests. Those who followed the first episode will have immediately noticed the issues addressed, very important even if brought to the stage in the sign of irony, boldness and excess with their behavior and frank talk. Among the guests we saw Mahmood who within a few minutes got rid of the comedians. He gave them the money and they left. The same did not happen for Roberto Bolle. The dancer from the stage had said to wait for the meeting but once he got out he fled.

Pio and Amedeo were very well received by Elisabetta Franchi. The designer hosted them at her house and during the lunch she let herself go, under the irreverent questions of the two, to a story about her life. Let’s talk about Pio, the comedian is 39 years old and was born in Foggia. Like Amedeo, he is very popular on social media. After the first steps on TV they got higher and higher. But have you ever seen what D’Antini was like years ago? In this shot from the past you will have a hard time recognizing him.

Pio D’Antini unrecognizable years ago: in this photo you will have a hard time recognizing him

The new edition of Emigratis began with the first episode on Wednesday 28 September. The format brought to the stage important issues addressed by Pio and Amedeo with their now known ways, in the sign of boldness, excessiveness and irony. There were several guests and someone welcomed them all too well.

Elisabetta Franchi invited them to her home, certainly not knowing what she was going to encounter. In fact, after lunch, they went to her shop. With the excuse of bringing clothes to their relatives, they practically emptied the place taking away thousands of euros in clothes. Both comedians are much loved and followed, even on social networks. Sifting through Pio’s instagram channel we recovered an old photo of him: have you ever seen how it was years ago?

pio d'antini years ago
Pio years ago (credits: instagram)

This is a shot of the undated comedian posted on his profile in 2017, where he is completely different. Years ago he had much longer hair and a different hairstyle: “This is when I filled the stadiums at concerts “, writes in support. So would you ever recognize him?