Piombino regasification terminal, Lazio Regional Administrative Court rejects the suspension request

The Court set the hearing on the appeal for 8 March 2023

The Lazio Regional Administrative Court rejected the precautionary request presented by the Municipality of Piombino (Livorno) against the installation of the regasification terminal in the port of the city. The appeal had been presented by the mayor Francesco Ferrari (Fdi) against the decision of the government commissioner for infrastructure work, the president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani. The Regional Administrative Court set the public hearing for 8 March 2023 for the discussion of the merits of the appeal.

The decision came today, the day after the hearing which was presided over by the councilor Alfonso Graziano who replaced the president Silvestro Maria Russo as head of the third section of the Administrative Court, suspended four days ago from his duties for a year in the ambit of the investigation into corruption involving the administrative TAR of Lazio.

The Municipality of Piombino, assisted by the lawyers Michele Rosario Luca Lio and Michele Greco, had requested the suspension of the commissioner’s order n. 140 of 10.25.2022 concerning “Art. 5 of Legislative Decree 50/2022: issue of single authorization pursuant to art. 5 co. 2 for the construction of the work, and related related infrastructures, called ”Fsru Piombino and connection to the national gas pipeline network” designed by Snam Fsru Italia. The construction site has already started, while the regasification terminal should go into operation next spring.

In the appeal, the Municipality of Piombino argued for the “manifest unsuitability of the Golar Tundra ship, from a structural point of view, to operate in safety” and the need to dredge the seabed in the opposite section for hundreds of thousands of cubic meters which “simply makes impossible” the hypothesis of entry into operation of the regasification terminal in March 2023, “under penalty of inoperability of the north quay of the port”.

According to the recollection of the Municipality, the regasification vessel ‘Golar Tundra’, being equipped with membrane tanks for liquid natural gas, not suitable for navigation when partially filled, would not be “able to comply with the main condition by the Harbor Master’s Office, i.e. to undock if necessary, moving away from the port area”. This is a critical issue, reads the appeal, which would put “the entire city of Piombino at risk”.