Piotta, a new album and a novel written with his missing brother

Piotta is about to return with his tenth studio album, entitled ‘An infamous night. The work, which is scheduled for release on March 1st, draws inspiration from the recent and premature death of the artist’s older brother, Fabio. The album was written with his collaboration.
Fabio Zanello, this is the name of the brother of the Roman singer-songwriter and rapper (born Tommaso Zanello) was a writer and essayist who, together with his younger brother, wrote many of the lyrics of ‘An infamous night.

Fabio Zanello tragically passed away at the age of 59 in August 2022. Piotta himself made the announcement on his then Twitter (now X) and Facebook profile: “For many you were the Professor. For everyone you were Fabio. Only for me you were my big brother. Have a safe journey through the Bardo. With all the love I can!”.

The death dates back to early August of that year, but the Roman singer and record producer only spoke about it publicly on August 31, 2022.

Piotta continued his post, dedicating to his brother some intense verses included in one of the books edited by Fabio: “First the earth dissolves in water, the water then dissolves in fire. The fire dissolves in the air, and the the air then dissolves in consciousness. That same consciousness then enters the Clear Light” (from the book edited by Fabio Zanello, Tibetan texts on the journey after death).

You can look at the post shared in the last few hours on Piotta’s Instagram profile in which the artist announces his next musical and literary efforts.

It is the voice of the late brother that opens the first track of the new album

Fabio’s voice and his verses are the ones that open the first track of Piotta’s new album.
This tenth album by the Roman musician turns out to be an emotional journey into a labyrinth of feelings as only the relationship between brothers can be. A very intricate labyrinth and, precisely because it is very intricate, indissoluble.

The story told by this album is that of a brotherhood, of a relationship between friends and colleagues, punctuated by the personal and generational vicissitudes of the two.

“Every leap year has been a favorable moment for me for new ventures and changes,” Piotta wrote in the last few hours on his Instagram profile (in the post we propose at the bottom of this article). “I have always evolved, as a person and as an artist, until I get to this, and it will be a revolution. New album (I swear I’ve never done an album like this!), new tour (with new band, setlist, arrangements and even visuals) and first novel. From today onwards I will tell you all the details of this surprising journey, starting from the emotional ones, because this is a journey… that I won’t take alone! See you soon, Tommaso.”

His saying that the new album is a journey “that I won’t do alone” refers in all likelihood to the presence of his brother Fabio, present with him on the album and also in the forthcoming novel (published by La Nave di Teseo). And in all likelihood the photo he shared in these hours on Instagram shows the image of Fabio: it should be an old photograph of him that can be glimpsed behind Piotta’s close-up.

A musical journey that recounts the years that marked the generations of the Zanello brothers

In this new work of his, Piotta’s voice recounts the years that marked both his and his brother Fabio’s generations.

‘An infamous night it is a new creation in terms of sounds and formation, so distant from those to which Piotta has accustomed us with the sound of light, irreverent and festive rap for nine studio albums, since 1998 (the year in which he published his debut album, titled Whatever happens it will be a success).

Piotta’s first novel is also published, also written with his brother

After the release of the new album ‘An infamous night, Piotta’s first novel will be published, also written together with his late brother Fabio. The book is called Trieste Course and will be published by La Nave di Teseo.

The singer-songwriter’s tour will also begin in mid-March, and on March 15th he will perform at the Viper in Florence, then on March 16th he will play at Largo Venue in Rome, on March 21st at Hiroshima in Turin, on March 22nd at the Mercato Sonato in Bologna, on April 13th at Mattorosso in Montebelluna, in the province of Treviso, on April 18th at Magnolia in Milan and on April 19th at The Cage in Livorno.

Fabio Zanello, who is Piotta’s brother who collaborated on the album and the novel

Born in 1963, Fabio Zanello studied literature at La Sapienza University of Rome, obtaining a degree.

As his biography reports, he had conducted studies both in Italy and abroad. He studied texts by René Guénon, Ananda C. Coomaraswamy and Titus Burckhardt.

Among the numerous publications of which he was the author, we remember Secret Taoism. Wisdom writings of ancient Masters (Castelvecchi Editore, 2005), Sufi speeches. The other heart of Islam (Alternative Press, 2007), The supreme knowledge of the Buddha. The texts of the Prajnaparamita (Ortica Editrice, 2016), The Bear Society. The spirituality of the North American Indians (De Agostini Libri, 2016), Zen and the art of killing the mind. The Taoist cycle of Songs of the Mind (Ortica Editrice, 2018), The Nectar of the Self. Hindu texts on non-duality (Ortica Editrice, 2021).

Below you will find the post shared in the last few hours on Piotta’s Instagram profile.