Piotta in the library with ‘The first king (p), at the origins of Italian rap’

Personal diary between private life and the birth of hip-hop culture in Italy

The new book signed by Tommaso ‘Piotta’ Zanello is called ‘Il primo re (p), at the origins of Italian rap’, from tomorrow in bookstores and online stores for the types of Il Castello brand Chinaski Edizioni. After the previous editorial experiences with ‘Rain falling, life flowing’ of 2006 and ‘Too ahead: how to survive the show business’ of 2008, Piotta returns to the bookstore with a personal and generational diary, where through her human and artistic, traces the birth of hip-hop culture in Italy and his career.

A volume full of anecdotes (“I still think of Albertino’s face at the Hip Hop Village when he had to introduce me with my crazy and gigantic 70s funk glasses”) and personal stories. From the relationship with the parents and the recently deceased brother, to the friendship with many historical rap artists from Rome such as Colle der Fomento, Cor Veleno, Flaminio Maphia, Ice One and many others. From the birth of a hit like ‘Supercafone’, his life changes and mass success arrives. Everyone sang that piece, everyone danced it and everyone repeated the famous exchanges of the video clip between him and Valerio Mastandrea. After all, however, few have understood that “Ours was an intellectual hip hop declined to heavy, to impress and get to the belly of everything and everyone”.

A whirlwind of situations where he is not always at ease like the Festivalbar (“A metaphor of the nineties, it was all in playback, even the applause of the audience”), but also his fellow friends like J-Ax who told him ” You split, you will go a long way! ” or the gratitude towards Jovanotti (“If we were there doing rap, we all owe it to Lorenzo a bit”). A no fiction novel that claims the authorship of that Italian rap, sung in Italian, that “For an average Italian family, rap was just a game. We invented this profession in Italy, first against families, then against the myopia of many professionals ”. The most curious anecdote took place in Latina, where there was a quarrel with his crew and Neffa based on inconsistent reasons, in the presence of a very young Tiziano Ferro.

In the background the show-biz with which the artist will never have a good relationship, just a few “quickie” as he tells in the book. In particular with TV, “Out of 100 proposals received I will have declined 90, from talent to reality, from hosted to fiction”. In this story there is also the cinema, Piotta remembers in fact that because of a record company a piece of him did not end up in the soundtrack of a Matteo Garrone film, preferring a cinepanettone. His is also the first film ever linked to Italian hip-hop, namely ‘The Secret of the Jaguar’. A disaster at the box office, but today it has become a cult. And then again the cinema with ‘Suburra – La Serie’. Not everyone knows that the theme song of the first season, or the lucky song ‘7 Vizi Capitale’, was born for a film (never released) that should have sanctioned the return of Tomas Milian to the big screen.

And then the theater: Piotta shared the stage first with the former judge of Mani Pulite Gherardo Colombo in a show on the constitution, then with Andrea Camilleri in a reinterpretation of the famous novel ‘Pinocchi’ ”. The preface is entrusted to the Manetti Bros., who shared more than one set and the sincere passion for rap music with Piotta. The release of the book will be accompanied by a series of presentations throughout Italy including: 14/10 Palermo – I Candelai, 18/10 Milan – Feltrinelli Duomo, 19/10 Genoa – Feltrinelli, 20/10, 21/10 Rome – Feltrinelli Appia.