Piqué publishes the first photo on Instagram with Clara Chia Martí

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Like a real Spanish soap opera, the Piqué case animates the news with continuous twists and turns. Although there is still no news about it, it would not be strange that someone was working on a television transposition of the most discussed case of the last few months at an international level, also thanks to the fact that the main protagonists of this soap opera never miss an opportunity to sing about it publicly. But when you call yourself Gerard Pique and Shakira and you can monetize everything, evidently you don’t worry too much. In recent days, news has been circulating of a possible third, or fourth, component of this story, namely the lawyer who followed Piqué’s divorce from the South American singer, who has allegedly been linked to the former footballer for years. But in these hours Piqué has come out on social media with one photo that portrays him together with Clara Chia Marticonfusing things even more.

The story with Clara Chia Marti

Clara Chia Marti she is the young girl for whom Gerard Piqué has decided to screw up his marriage to Shakira. Their relationship has been known for some time, it has been talked about and discussed since well before the two made the break official, which can now be considered completely belonging to the distant past. But so far, “official” photos of the two that weren’t paparazzi from afar had never been disclosed. On the other hand, that they are together is certainly no secret, as Shakira knows well that she has compared her rival in love to a utility car and herself to a luxurious Italian supercar. But Piqué has taken a step forward in the last few hours and has decided that it was no longer time to hide Pulcinella’s secret and perhaps because the relationship with Clara Chia Martí has ​​now become serious and stable, he has decided to share a photo together with his flame on his instagram profile. No caption, no explicit love gesture but a shot in which the two are clearly accomplices, which has collected over 2 million likes in a few hours. Spite for Shakira? A confirmation for Clara Chia Martí?

The possibility of a third relationship

Various hypotheses can be made about the reasons that prompted Piqué to publish this photo, all more or less plausible. According to some, it would be just the umpteenth gesture not to extinguish the controversy with his ex-wife, given that this public fight is making both of them a lot of money. According to others it could be a real one spite to further piss off Shakira. Someone, on the other hand, thinks it could be a gesture made in favor of Clara Chia Martí following the rumors that he would be close to the very young and charming lawyer following her divorce with Shakira. So the photo with Clara Chia Martí would be nothing more than one reassurance about the fate of their relationship. In fact, there is no official truth.