Piscina delle Rose in Rome, appeal by Chiulli, Dionisi, Corazza and Ruocco, “we give continuity to the project”

Day of high-level sports with great social value at the Piscina delle Rose. What is the real lung of sporting activity in the Roman district of EUR, in fact wants to continue to be a point of reference for the district and for the whole city of Rome. Lots of testimonials of affection for the Piscina della Rose, from Roman citizens and beyond. Important recognitions, therefore, for a sporting reality that since 1960 has been a point of reference for quality and prestige for Roman and national sport.

Claudio Schermi (President of Canottieri Eur 1984 and national and international sports manager, former blue and multiple Italian canoe champion) who has managed the facility since 2001, explained how the Piscina delle Rose carries forward “a story that is available to the city of “Rome. Playing sport, in fact, is rendering a service to the entire citizenry, so much so that it is something that today there is talk of including in the Constitution. For this reason it is important that the Piscina delle Rose can continue in its sporting and social project”. For Raffaele Chiulli (President of ARISF, the Association of International Sports Federations recognized by the Olympic Committee) “sport must be everyone’s right and local and national institutions must preserve this condition, without placing inaccessible conditions. In fact, sport “, is also synonymous with social inclusion. Many families and many young people come to the Piscina delle Rose, so it must continue its journey without submitting to unacceptable conditions”.

Important evidence of the facility’s value also comes from the many teams and federations that train on site. Antonio De Lucia (President of the Italian Dragon Boat Federation) underlined how La Piscina delle Rose is “a club that has a history and a passion that comes from afar. Over time we have had great results, with athletes who trained here and arrived up to the Olympics. This is a source of pride for Rome and for the EUR district, because playing sport is doing a service to the citizenry”.

Pasquale Ruocco (sup Canottieri EUR athlete) said: “Training here at the Piscina delle Rose and at the Laghetto dell’EUR, we have achieved many results. Among these, the world stage of the most miles in 2022 certainly stands out”. Carlo Corazza (former coach of the Spanish and Italian women’s national team and today of the Canottieri EUR) explained how you try to “teach canoe-polo to the neighborhood kids. It is a game comparable to water polo and, by training at the EUR lake, we have developed a team among the best in Italy, which finished the championship in 4th position last year”.

Maria Pia Dionisi (President Abbraccio Rosa Onlus) said she was disconcerted by the situation the facility is experiencing: “The Piscina delle Rose saw the birth of the Women in Pink movement in 2003, also thanks to Claudio Schermi. This underlines the importance of this sports center which has a social role for physical and spiritual health”. The multi-sports center is owned by EUR SpA (a company of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Municipality of Rome) and has been managed since 2001 and has been redeveloped by the President Claudio Schermi. In 20 years of management, Schermi has brought the sports headquarters of the EUR Canottieri to the Piscina delle Rose, as well as social and sporting events of regional, national, continental and global significance.

Schermi, on the subject, added: “The Canottieri Eur project is only at the beginning and we want to represent the answer of the 2000s to the cousins ​​of the Tiber, the Circoli Canottieri born between the end of the nineteenth and the mid-twentieth century. The next year the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of our Club are planned, which we want to celebrate at the Piscina delle Rose with the thousands of people who have attended our club over the years.For the economic and managerial aspects we have already offered Eur all the economic guarantees requests, in order to continue our journey. We trust in the common sense and sensitivity of the institutions, so that the action of Eur SpA to try to evict us from our headquarters, ceases by opening a serious table for a constructive discussion with all the bearers of interest”.