Piunti (Conou): “98% regeneration rate of mineral oils”

In the circular economy of used mineral oil, in Italy, “we are at a regeneration rate of over 98%. We have had many fortunes: we started first and this helped us, we had the plants that were born in the 1960s. and then they evolved. ” Thus Riccardo Piunti, president of Conou, the National Consortium of Used Oils, in his speech at the Ecoforum in Rome.

“We are at 98% also because the management of quality in the collection is important: you will not reach 98% if you do not carry out careful waste quality management: we work on waste producers and collectors”, he explains.

From collected and regenerated oil to new lubricating bases. “The regenerated bases, we carry out periodic tests, are of the same quality level as the other oil – he adds – We want to avoid the creation of fake regenerators, the plants that regenerate the oil are very sophisticated. It is a serious job and that produces a product as it is, like what you get from the oil sector with the advantage that we got it out of a waste “.