Pizza Day, Sirabella: “My secret? Seasonal ingredients and 48-hour leavening”

The young Neapolitan pizza chef talks about himself in an interview with Adnkronos. Pineapple pizza? “Never”. And watch out for waste: “I use scraps for cocktails”

“I learned to make pizza from great Neapolitan masters, I also carried out a project on Enzo Coccia’s fried pizza, then I arrived in Milan in 2018 contacted by the founding members of ‘Dry Milano’ and now I have been here for six years”. This is how Lorenzo Sirabella, born in Naples 31 years ago, interviewed by Adnkronos on the occasion of World Pizza Day, summarizes his dazzling career. He is one of the most talented Neapolitan pizza chefs, who raises the art of Neapolitan pizza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a series of awards given to him as the best young pizza chef of the year by the 50 Top Pizza online guide, and with the 3 Spicchi del Red shrimp.

A traditional pizza, made mostly with seasonal ingredients, the one prepared by Sirabella, “we use a blend of type 1 and 0 flours and a 48-hour dough for the pizza and 72 hours for the focaccias. I remain faithful to tradition” he maintains and, regarding the pizza with pineapple that someone is proposing and causing discussion, he says “I don’t demonize it even if I don’t make it, but those who use pineapple in pizza should respect a balance of flavours” and suggests that not everyone they do it. Neapolitan pizza versus Roman pinsa? Far from it, “it’s one of my favorite products for its crunchiness – she replies – however I don’t offer it because I think it’s more suitable for taking away or cutting. I must say that I often eat it when I’m out” she says.

Among Sirabella’s next objectives is the project of a vegetable garden for the exclusive use of the restaurant which will start in spring while the ‘zero waste’ project has been going on for about a year. “We are going to use all the waste from the pizzeria and give it a new life in our cocktails. An example? Now we have pizza with pumpkin and all the pumpkin waste, instead of throwing them away, we make an infusion with Vodka to a pumpkin Moscow Mule.” And he does not fail to point out that “one of the next objectives as pizza chefs – he concludes – is to carry forward the candidacy of Italian cuisine as a UNESCO World Heritage Site”.