Placanica (Cap Holding), ‘we support suppliers on the path to sustainability’

Speech at the Supply Chain 2023 Forum during the Supply Chain & Sustainability talk

“What we do is try to provide the best possible service with regards to the management and protection of water resources. To promote sustainability in the supply chain, we have a supplier register which today has 1,800 members and our goal is to implement as much sustainability also in procurement”. So Debora Placanica, Head of Supplier Cap Holding, in her speech at the Supply Chain 2023 Forum during the talk Supply Chain & Sustainability.

“We have a Vendor Rating, a supplier assessment system; we want to reward those who also invest in sustainability. Gruppo Cap had already adopted a Vendor Rating in 2019 on an experimental basis, in January 2023 we launched a new Vendor Rating, totally renewed – he explains – The new criteria have been proposed to suppliers as a starting point and a stimulus for growth: suppliers are already evaluated during the registration phase and obtain a score that gives them opportunities for growth and a stimulus.Because those who leave and are not yet sustainable or very sustainable will not be penalized but will be accompanied by the Group on a path of virtuous growth which we believe will have positive effects on the entire supply chain”.