Plane crash in the Amazon, 14 dead in Brazil

Heavy rain at the time of the crash of the flight headed from Manaus to Barcelos, an investigation opened

I am 14 people, all originally from Brazil, lost their lives yesterday in a plane crash that occurred in the Brazilian state of Amazonia. The accident occurred in the province of Barcelos, located about 400 kilometers from Manaus, the state capital. Rescue teams worked from the beginning to provide the necessary aid. According to the first information released by the local authorities and collected by the newspaper ‘Folha de Sao Paulo’, the group was headed from Manaus to Barcelos for a pleasure trip and at the time of the accident there was heavy rain, so much so that two planes they were on the same route shortly before the one that crashed, they had decided to return to Manaus. The airline, Manaus Aerotaxi, confirmed the accident in a statement, explaining that an investigation had already been opened, but did not provide details on the number of injured or dead.