Plane crash in Tokyo, scheduled flight was allowed to land

Investigations continue in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, into the ground collision between two planes at Haneda airport, which caused the death of five people. Japan Airlines (JAL) maintains that its plane was authorized to land. The 379 passengers and crew members of flight Jal516 were evacuated after the airliner, while landing, collided with a smaller Japanese Coast Guard plane, which was preparing to take off. The impact caused a large explosion and the JAL plane caught fire before coming to a halt. Five of the six occupants of the Coast Guard plane are dead, while the pilot is seriously injured. (THE FIRE: WHAT HAPPENED)

The reconstruction of the facts

Investigators are trying to understand whether the plane could have landed. A Japan Airlines official responded: “From what we understand, it had been given.” Radio exchanges from the Tokyo-Haneda control tower, consulted by AFP on the website, seem to support this version. “Japan 516, continue your approach,” an air traffic controller reportedly said at 5.43pm local time (8.43am GMT), four minutes before the collision. What will be the next step? A team of experts from the French Office of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) of civil aviation is expected to arrive in Japan today to participate in the investigation into the accident.