Platinette: “I’ve never been diverted, the mechanism of seduction fascinated me”

Mauro Coruzzi talks about himself in an interview with the newspaper ‘La Ragione’

“How are you doing? In short… If you want a lie, I’ll tell you that I’m fine. I can thank my unhappy childhood, because thanks to this I was able to face life with greater determination and strength”. Mauro Coruzzi aka Platinette talks about himself in an exclusive interview with the newspaper La Ragione. And he talks about his relationship with sex: “I approached this topic quite early, in high school. But I’ve never been deviated or anything like that. From an analytical point of view, in retrospect, I can say that it fascinated me the mechanism of seduction. What interested me was not sex as much as the fact of being interesting for someone, although to be honest, since elementary school I realized that there were those who looked at me with not exactly innocent eyes. I still remember when I was 6 years old: there were cars that slowed down and followed me step by step; inside them men who tried to ensnare me, but without success”.

Coruzzi’s true passion is music: “It’s not a lifeline but if it can become a job then so much the better of it – he specifies – At 18 I wrote songs but they were horrendous and so I looked for a different approach. Dreams in the drawer? No, for heaven’s sake. I refuse to have goals. Now I’ve questioned myself with a musical, the goal in this case is to do well with minimum effort. You have to be aware of the predisposition of your own nature”. As for sexual classifications, a topic that the LGBT community engages full-time, “on the other hand I hate them – says tranchant – Being omnivorous and not having prejudices, the categories annoy me. For a certain period, bisexuality was the most popular, i.e. the predisposition to go with both men and women. However, I don’t believe in classification as well as in fluidity, also because it reminds me of soap, certainly not sex”.

When asked if he regrets not being a father, he comments: “For heaven’s sake, it’s better to spare a son a father with such a character. I am my family, thank God. I don’t have to answer to anyone, I live as if it were I’m not saying the last but the penultimate day. What must I say, stable relationships are a mortal boredom. Enduring commitments and duties is the worst possible constraint”. At the end of the interview, the editor wishes him well: “I hope the exact opposite, because adversity allows me to react to destiny… And luckily, otherwise I would become an amoeba”, concludes Coruzzi.