Play of lights and colors never seen before: how much does Chiara Ferragni’s Christmas tree cost

Play of lights and colors never seen before: how much does Chiara Ferragni’s Christmas tree cost; you would never guess the number.

Have you already decorated your home with a Christmas theme or will you wait for December 8th? Anyone who couldn’t resist and has already let herself be enveloped by the magic of Christmas is definitely Clare Ferragni, which showed her wonderful tree already a week ago, leaving everyone speechless.

Chiara Ferragni’s tree (Credits Canva)

Yes, because, as in past years, this year too at the Ferragnez home there is a huge tree that populates the living room and serves as a backdrop for family selfies on the sofa. For this Christmas, however, Chiara has decided to add a new touch of originality, represented by the avalanche of lights that decorate the tree. Lights that change color and effect in an ‘intelligent’ way: curious to know more about the choice of the well-known influencer and her beloved Fedez? Here’s how much they spent on bright decorations.

How much does Chiara Ferragni’s Christmas tree cost: enchanting lighting

In the reel shared about a week ago by Chiara Ferragni on Instagram it is possible to admire the thousand effects of her Christmas tree. A tree that change colors, lights and effects intelligently and very fast, go from red to blue, from colored stripes to two-tone: how? Simply through an app to download on your mobile phone: from there you can select lights and colors to create ever-changing and personalized effects. Unique effects, which have left the millions of followers of the digital entrepreneur speechless, who may have wondered how much the lights on the Ferragnez tree cost?

Well, to decorate their fir tree, Chiara and Fedez have relied on Twinkly, an Italian technology company created by Ledworks, a leading startup in the field of luminous decorations. Curious to find out the prices?

As reports, these wonderful lights of Twunly leave from 74 euros, which is the value of a single strip starting from 100 LEDs, up to the price of 499 euros, to light up and decorate an entire Christmas tree. Oh yes, a decidedly considerable figure, but the final effect is really ‘wow’.

Chiara Ferragni Christmas tree
Ferragni House (Credits Canva)

A system through which it seems to have a different tree in the house every day: a real dream! And you, what are you waiting for to start the most magical time of the year and start decorating your home? It’s never too early to experience the emotions that only Christmas can give and the Ferragnez know this well. In order not to miss all the Ferragnez home decorations, such as the garland of red balls that frames the entrance door, you just have to follow Ferragni and Fedez on Instagram: their profiles are full of super interesting content, you won’t regret it!