PlayStation 5, voice commands arrive with a new update

Improved the management of group chats and the console home page

The new system update for PlayStation 5 will introduce several new features for consoles, and will be available in beta in the next few days for all those who have registered on the official site. A minor update will also be available for PS4, but the most important news concerns PS5, for which the voice commands that will respond to “Hey PlayStation” will be introduced. This will make it possible navigate the console menu by voice directly from the home page, for example to launch games or control media playback. The feature has been available on PS4 for years, and will arrive on PS5 using the microphone on the DualSense controller. For the first period, voice commands will only be available in English for the UK and US market.

The new update will also improve the way they work group chats on PS5. It will be possible to decide which parties are private and which public, and in the latter case both friends and friends of friends will be able to access without invitation. It will then be possible to filter the games by genre, and set five apps in the home for quick access. Finally, in addition to various minor changes, Sony has also changed the trophy cards on the home page. After the beta period, the PS5 system update will arrive in the next few months for all users.