PNRR, 42 billion expected in 2022, if Italy respects 102 promises: the table

More than two points of GDP of aid to Italy if it respects the 102 deadlines agreed with the European Union: from the contracts for the Naples-Bari to the reforms of justice and education. THE CHART

This year Italy will be able to receive up to 42 billion euros foreseen by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan: 21 relating to the first installment, the one that was requested by the Italian government in December, and another 21 if the mid-year targets are achieved. Indeed, the PNRR provides for 528 conditions to be respected in order to receive European funds: these are reforms, kilometers of railway built, hiring of personnel, solar panels installed, and so on.

Almost 25 billion have already been collected from the state budget last August thanks to pre-financing (which represents 13 per cent of the entire package, of 191 and a half billion).

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But, as we said, the money is not free: it will be disbursed only if the conditionalities agreed with the European Commission are respected. If those of 2021 – 51 goals – now seem to have been achieved (despite the government’s report to Parliament appearing vague on some points), in 2022 there will be 102 goals to be achieved.

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Among the most challenging objectives of the first half of the year there are some reforms, such as that of public employment, the new career of teachers, a part of the tax reform to reduce tax evasion. And then the achievement of specific targets, such as the start of recruitment in the courts (16 thousand new employees are expected to speed up the trials), the award of hydrogen research contracts and tenders to bring ultra-broadband to everything. the country.

As regards the necessary steps by the end of 2022, it will be necessary to develop the centralized database of the most sensitive data of the public administration (Polo Strategico Nazionale), the effective entry into force of the criminal and civil justice reforms of which the last year the laws delegated by the Parliament, the approval in parliament of the law on competition, the reform of primary and secondary schools, the strengthening of employment centers, the award of contracts for the construction of the new Naples high-speed railways -Bari and Palermo-Catania and the allocation of at least 500 million euros to increase the competitiveness of tourism companies.