Pnrr, Draghi: “Achieved objectives, soon another 21 billion in Italy”

“New chapter for energy autonomy from Russia challenges coming months”

“Italy will soon be able to receive another 21 billion euros, after the 45.9 billion of the past months”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi writes this in the introduction to the II report on the implementation of the NRP sent to Parliament.

“Parliament has taken up the challenge, working intensively in examining the necessary measures, improving them and guiding their implementation. Also the local authorities – the Municipalities, the Regions, the Provinces – have carried out an enormous daily work alongside the central administrations for the grounding of thousands of projects that will change the country. The results achieved are significant. In the first half of 2022, Italy once again achieved all the objectives of the NRP, as confirmed by the European Commission last week “.

“As regards the current semester, implementation is proceeding faster than the original schedules. The end of the legislature required an additional effort, to ensure that, after the elections, we could start from a position as advanced as possible” .

“The first phase of implementation of the Plan, dedicated above all to the design and approval of reforms, is running out. In the coming months and years these reforms must be implemented in the field, continuously monitoring progress towards achieving the quantitative objectives indicated in the NRP. For investments, the phase relating to public procedures for allocating resources to implementing bodies is largely over: it is now necessary to ensure that investments are completed on time and in the manner provided, ensuring that European resources are spending in a transparent and honest way “, underlines the Prime Minister.

“The Government has adopted the necessary measures to favor an effective implementation of the Plan. Forms of support and assistance have been provided for the implementing bodies from the very beginning, guaranteeing the support of public subsidiaries from the planning stage of the interventions. to the increase in the prices of energy and raw materials, the tools for adjusting the costs of the works were strengthened. An incisive system of monitoring and control of interventions was also ensured, also in order to avoid fraud and criminal infiltration “, remember.

“The second report to Parliament on the state of implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan illustrates the intense activity carried out since the beginning of the year and the results achieved in its advancement. The NRRR is a unique opportunity for the relaunch of Italy, for overcoming territorial, gender and generational inequalities. Its full implementation is fundamental for the credibility of our country towards citizens and international partners. .

“The work of implementation must continue in the coming years, until the end of the Plan, with the same strength and effectiveness, following the method, consolidated in the past months, focused on the careful monitoring of objectives and implementation times, in a context of loyal and effective collaboration. The REPowerEU Plan, with the insertion of a new chapter in the national NRPs intended to ensure energy autonomy from Russia, represents the further challenge for the coming months “.