Pnrr, Draghi locks up the plan: “Inheritance for the government to come”

The premier whips the ministries: over 50% of the objectives to be achieved by October. Greater burdens for Cingolani and Colao

He had said this at the Rimini Meeting, in perhaps the longest speech, certainly the most applauded, of these 19 months at Palazzo Chigi. Mario Draghi lashes the ministries, inviting them to score as many goals as possible in the next two months, from now to October, on the PNRR front, so as to secure the resources of the Next Generation Eu and the agreements with Europe. It is the legacy that the premier intends to leave to the government to come, whatever its political color, while on the field of an electoral campaign with no holds barred there are those who ask to renegotiate the PNRR that the Prime Minister is working to put insecurity.

An obstacle course of no small importance opens in front of the dicasteries. Or rather a ‘hundred meters’, considering that there are only 60 days to cross the finish line designed for them by the former number 1 of the ECB, and which expects to hit over 50% of the PNRR targets between now and the end of October. This means that the goals to be achieved go from 3 to 20, 11 by September and the remaining 9 in October. The message is clear, in spite of current affairs: “we must continue to work hard”, the words that Draghi gives to his ministers and that are reported by his staff.

“To date – it is explained – 9 objectives and targets of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan have been achieved. Anticipating what is foreseen in the time schedule shared with Europe, the goal is to achieve over 50% of the objectives and Pnrr targets expiring at the end of the year. The Presidency of the Council therefore asked the Ministries to anticipate, with respect to the time schedule shared with Europe, the achievement of 11 objectives in September (instead of 3, as expected) and 9 by October, month in which no deadline was envisaged “.

This is “an exceptional effort required of the Administrations involved for the next two months, as illustrated by Undersecretary Roberto Garofoli in the Council of Ministers. As for the months of November and December, work continues, finally, to achieve the remaining 26 objectives and targets. expiring, for a total of 55, which will then be verified with the European Commission “, clarifies Palazzo Chigi.

Which, among the results to take home before the deadline, includes the gender equality certification system and the related incentive mechanisms for businesses; the entry into force of the annual competition law 2021; the 2021-23 strengthening plan for employment centers; the ministerial decree for the adoption of the national plan for the fight against undeclared work; the definition of the architecture of the entire national cybersecurity system; the delegated acts for the reform of the civil and criminal proceedings and the award of the contract or contracts for the high-speed railway on the Naples-Bari and Palermo-Catania lines.

If you look closely at the tables released by Palazzo Chigi, the greatest aggravations result from the Ministry for Innovation led by Vittorio Colao and the Ecological Transition Department headed by Roberto Cingolani, already struggling, among other things, with the ‘grain’ of the gas savings plan and with the energy dossier at the center of government policies.