Pnrr, Draghi: “There are no delays, 21 goals have already been achieved”

“There are no delays in the implementation of the NRP. If there were any, the European Commission would not pay the money”, underlined the Prime Minister during the control room at Palazzo Chigi, recalling that Italy will soon collect another 21 billions after the 45.9 already received

The resigning Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, in his speech at Palazzo Chigi made it clear that the NRR has a very simple and transparent way to assess how far it is achieved: the number of objectives and goals achieved at the end of each semester. The disbursement of European resources depends on the achievement of these objectives, and nothing else. In the first half of 2022, Italy once again achieved all the objectives of the NRP, as the European Commission ascertained last week. Italy will be able to receive another 21 billion euros, after the 45.9 billion received in recent months. (TODAY’S POLICY NEWS LIVE)

“There are no delays in the implementation of the NRP”

In the Control Room – continued Mario Draghi – I had asked for the maximum effort to continue to carry out the Plan. The PNRR is a unique opportunity for the relaunch of Italy, for overcoming the territorial, gender and generational inequalities that weigh on the country. Its full implementation is crucial for our credibility – towards citizens and international partners. We must keep the commitments we have made and to do so we need everyone’s support.

Achieved 21 goals, possibly 29 by the end of the month

As regards the second semester, implementation of the NRP is proceeding faster than the original time schedules. The elections and the upcoming change of government required an extra effort. To date, 21 of the 55 targets and milestones planned for the end of the year have already been achieved, and we expect to reach 29 by the end of the month.

Give continuity to the objectives of the NRP

Draghi recalled that “it is obviously up to the next government to continue the work of implementing the NRP, and I am sure it will be carried out with the same force and effectiveness. The technical activity of the administrations can and must continue with the same diligence. I remember that, precisely to ensure continuity in the implementation of the NRP, it was decided to create, in the Prime Minister’s Office and in each Ministry, dedicated offices that will be operational until 2026.