Pnrr, EU: “In close contact with Italy on the third installment”

A European Commission spokeswoman to Adnkronos: “The evaluation work is in progress”

“The evaluation work on Italy’s third payment request is ongoing and our services are in close contact with the Italian authorities in this context.” A spokeswoman for the European Commission told Adnkronos after yesterday the EU excluded interventions at the stadiums in Florence and Venice from the Pnrr, with the Commission, according to what was reported by the Minister for European Affairs Raffaele Fitto, which “requested then the government to adopt the necessary documents to formalize what was communicated, for the release of the third installment of 19 billion euros”.

“As always, the Commission’s assessment of a given measure under a Member State’s Recovery and Resilience Plan, and public comment on it, can only come after all the relevant milestones and targets linked to a specific request for payment have been completed and the evaluation of the payment request has been completed,” the spokeswoman said.