Pnrr, fourth installment Italy: Fitto has submitted a payment request to the EU

After the green light from the EU Council to the changes made to Italy to the targets for the request for the fourth installment of the Pnrr, today the Minister for European Affairs Raffaele Fitto presented the request for payment of the fourth installment of the Pnrr, relating to the achievement of 28 expected objectives

Last September 19, the EU Council gave the green light to the changes made to Italy’s targets for requesting the fourth installment of the Pnrr. The request for payment from the Minister for European Affairs Raffaele Fitto to the Commission also officially arrived today.

Fitto: “Profitable work in harmony with the Commission”

“The payment request presented by the Government is the result of fruitful work carried out in full harmony with the European Commission which on 28 July 2023 approved the proposal to modify 10 objectives and add the milestone relating to beds for university students “, specified the Minister for European Affairs, the South and Cohesion Policies. “We have brought order to an absolutely complex situation, creating a single coordination structure with a clear vision in June 2026, so as not to find ourselves in a position to see the Pnrr projects revoked”, continues Fitto, who illustrates the steps in defining the projects, the dialogue with Europe for obtaining the Pnrr installments: “In the 2014-2020 plan our country had a spending capacity of only 34% of the 126 billion coming from Brussels and on the Pnrr we identified 67 billion intended for projects prior to the definition of the Plan and therefore inadmissible – he specified – We therefore had to reorganize ourselves with respect to the severe conditions imposed to obtain the funds, until reaching the final approval of the third installment and being able, as we will do in the next hours, to also request payment of the fourth instalment. For this we have received appreciation from Brussels, recovering credibility and now we are also able to concretely start the projects which, I remind you, must be implemented by June 2026”.