Pnrr, government sources: let’s remodel but without giving up the funds. Meloni: “No alarm”

After the hypothesis, launched by the Northern League Riccardo Molinari, of giving up part of the sums of the national recovery and resilience plan, the executive specifies that the critical issues are being “resolved”. Prime Minister: “I’m not worried”

“We are working to reshape the plan” but the idea of ​​”giving up part of the funds” is not on the table. This is the clarification of government sources regarding the hypothesis, launched by the Northern League Riccardo Molinari, of giving up part of the loan funds from the Pnrr. “We are working to resolve the critical issues”, it is underlined, reiterating that the Plan must be “remodulated”, eliminating projects that cannot be completed by 2026 but “the free space” will be used “on other projects for which funding can be spent by June 2026 “. Giorgia Meloni, meanwhile, reassures: “No alarm, I’m not worried”.

Molinari’s hypothesis

In the morning, the group leader of the League in the Chamber Riccardo Molinari had told that “Giorgia Meloni has already reassured the fears relating to the blocking of the third tranche of the Pnrr, unjustified fears. An extra month is needed for technical problems but the money is not at risk”. “I have spoken to many mayors of small municipalities and the problems are numerous – he added -, does it make sense to get into debt with the EU to do things that are not needed? It is therefore right to re-discuss the plan with the European Commission, or the destination of the funds is changed or spent to spend them at random makes no sense. Perhaps it would be appropriate to consider giving up part of the debt funds ”.

Meloni: “On Pnrr there is alarmism”

On the subject, on the sidelines of Vinitaly, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni clarified that “not to be worried by delays on the Pnrr, we are working a lot, the alarmist reconstruction does not convince me very much”. As for the controversies of the last few days, he then commented: “I’m not considering losing resources, I’m considering the hypothesis of getting him to land effectively”. , the prime minister said in Verona. “We work on the merits – he underlined – by looking at the merits and clearly looking at the strategic nature of the companies, particularly in this time, taking into consideration the issue of Pnrr spending as regards energy, and also the work that Italy does to try to become a sort of supply hub”.

Pd on the Pnrr: “Majority is in chaos”

Meanwhile, requests for clarification on the situation continue from the opposition. “Moving funds, asking for postponements, changing projects: on the Pnrr in the Meloni government and in the majority it is total chaos. No more passing the buck, no more delays: Minister Lease should come to Parliament immediately to explain what is happening. The Democratic Party is there, we demand answers ”, wrote the Democratic Party on its social profiles.