Pnrr in 2022: here are the open calls for companies and when they expire

With the resources of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, there are many notices in which freelancers and companies can participate, available on the ItaliaDomani website of the government. Here are what they are, divided by the NextGen EU Mission to which they refer

2022 is a crucial year for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan: together with the reforms necessary to receive the funds of the Next Generation EU, there are also many calls for small and medium-sized enterprises financed precisely through the resources of the Plan. Here is a list of those currently open for freelancers and businesses – which can be consulted on the ItaliaDomani website – divided by the mission to which they refer. (THE SPECIAL ON THE RECOVERY FUND)

Calls for digitization, culture and tourism

There are currently five calls and notices open on the ItaliaDomani website (the online portal made available by the government):

  • The first concerns the assignment, in partnership between public and private, of the realization of the National Strategic Pole. There is time until March 16;
  • The call for proposals for the restoration and enhancement of historic parks and gardens is also open. There is time until March 15th;
  • A notice is also open on the ItaliaDomani website for the presentation of intervention proposals for the reduction of energy consumption in theaters and cinemas. There is time until March 18;
  • The preliminary market consultation notice for the acquisition of services for the digitization of cultural heritage has also been opened. There is time until February 21;
  • Finally, the call for tenders to obtain subsidized loans for the internationalization and digital and ecological transition processes of SMEs is now open. There is time until May 31st.

Calls for the Ecological Transition

As regards the Green Revolution, there are four calls and notices currently available, all concerning waste recycling chains:

  • Line of intervention A for the modernization and construction of new plants to improve the collection, logistics and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment, including wind turbine blades and photovoltaic panels. There is time until March 16;
  • Line of intervention B for the modernization and construction of new plants to improve the collection, logistics and recycling of paper and cardboard waste. There is time until March 16;
  • Line of intervention C for the construction of new plants for the recycling of plastic waste (through mechanical and chemical recycling, Plastic Hubs), including plastic waste in the sea. There is time until March 20;
  • Line of intervention D for the infrastructure of the collection of pre-consumer and post-consumer textile fractions, modernization of the plant and construction of new recycling plants for the textile fractions in a systemic perspective. There is time until March 23.

Calls for Education and Research

In this mission, the government website currently reports two open calls and notices:

  • The first call is aimed at financing the creation and strengthening of “ecosystems of innovation for sustainability”, building “territorial leaders in research and development.” There is time until February 24;
  • The presentations of the projects for the KDT JU 2021 are then open: this is the Joint Undertaking Key Digital Technologies, a European program that funds research and innovation in the design of electronic components, as well as their production and integration in intelligent systems. The aim is to support the digital transformation of all economic and social sectors and the European Green Deal, as well as to support research and innovation towards the next generation of microprocessors. There is time until April 27;
  • Finally, the opening of tenders is planned to finance partnerships extended to universities, research centers and businesses. No further details are currently available: the opening date will be announced in March 2022, while the closing date remains to be defined

Calls for Inclusion and Cohesion

There is currently one open call for this mission:

  • There is talk of the public notice for the granting of resources intended for the consolidation of rural pharmacies to be financed under the PNRR, in reference to the national strategy for inland areas aimed at financing health facilities in the local area. The closing date is June 30th

Infrastructure and Health

There are currently no calls or notices for the last two missions of the NRP, infrastructure and health.