Pnrr Italia, Meloni: “With revision another 21 billion for growth and development”

“Basically a second economic maneuver”

The government makes it available to Italian economic growth another 21 billion eurosin practice a second economic maneuver largely intended for development and competitiveness of the Italian productive fabric. This is what Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni would have said during the ongoing meeting with the employers. “We worked on a budget law aware that at the same time we were negotiating the revision of the Pnrr with the European Commission – the prime minister would have said -. In fact, our reasoning has always been to consider them both as two parts of a single strategic economic policy: the need to ensure full complementarity between ordinary policies and the Pnrr has always been an objective of this government”.

“The Pnrr, approved today by the EU Commission, represents the update of the multi-year investment and reform plan that Italy is called to implement by 2026 – is the prime minister’s reasoning -. And the 2024 Budget Law has the same horizon timeframe of the Pnrr (2024-2026). The 122 billion euros of the Pnrr are debt resources that our country will have to repay. Resources which, together with the 30 billion of the complementary fund, affect the balances available to the Budget Law”. “In essence – he explained to Confindustria and the other employers’ associations – many of the measures aimed at growth, infrastructure and support of the productive fabric were contemplated in the reformulated interventions of the Pnrr and not in the Budget Law which is necessarily serious , responsible. In total it amounts to more than 21 billion: in fact a second maneuver entirely aimed at growth”.

According to the Prime Minister, “these resources are the result of the remodulation of the plan with a view to increasing efficiency. Some unachievable or ineligible projects have been modified, some projects in particular of local authorities, which risked not being implemented in the time they will be financed through other European and national programs instead of with the Pnrr which has much more stringent deadlines”.

“The sustainability of our Nation requires placing economic growth and competitiveness at the center of the Pnrr – was the prime minister’s conclusion on the point – and of all financial maneuvers without overlapping, but ensuring maximum integration and coordination in support of the project development of Italy”.

“Today we have confirmation that we have done a job of which the government can be very proud. We have done what we promised we would do, we got down to the concrete, we verified the critical issues and overcame them, we made sure that all the Pnrr money was spent on time and therefore we concentrated resources on the growth and modernization of the nation and it seems to me that the result, on which few were betting, says that it was not a wrong choice”. “I also thank the European Commission which was certainly rigid in some ways, but very open to the possibility that these resources were spent in the best way. So we can be happy that in addition to working on the maneuver focused on giving more resources to workers and families, at the same time we were working on a revision of the Pnrr which instead concentrated its resources above all on the competitiveness of our system and our businesses” he concludes.