Pnrr, Lease in the Chamber: “The way forward is the confrontation with the EU Commission”

The Minister for European Affairs, Cohesion Policies and the Pnrr – during the communications on the Plan in the Chamber of Deputies – explained that “the government, in the face of 63 reforms and 235 between investments and sub-investments, is proposing changes that concern 144 measures”. Majority resolution presented on communications committing the executive to involve Parliament in the “proposal for revision of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, including the REPowerEU chapter” to be sent to Brussels

The work carried out by the government to resolve the knots on the Pnrr was a “complex and articulated” job, which in the end also guaranteed a “public appreciation” from the European Commission. Thus the Minister for European Affairs, Cohesion Policies and Pnrr Raffaele Fitto, during communications on the Plan in the Chamber of the Chamber. After months of controversy, last week Brussels “gave the green light to the proposals that the government has put in place both in relation to the approval of the third installment with modifications and the fourth”, recalled the minister. It is the signal that “constant confrontation is not only producing positive results but it is the path on which the government is aiming”. For this reason, the minister said he did not consider positively “the construction of a controversy on these objectives”. law in the majority resolution on Fitto’s communications, is committed “to forwarding the proposed revision of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, including the REPowerEU chapter, to the European Commission, and to ensuring the full involvement of Parliament”, as well as “the loyal collaboration with the Regions and Local Authorities”. At 17, again for communications on the Pnrr, Lease will move to the Senate.

Fitto: by 2023 we will receive all 35 billion

“A phase is underway that will complete its process by 2023 and will allow us to receive 35 billion which is the entire expected sum”, said Minister Fitto referring to the overall resources of the third and fourth instalment. Then he added: “The interventions envisaged within the Pnrr are going ahead regularly. There is no interruption with respect to everything that is foreseen. The new measures identified will not be subject to definancing, they will go ahead regularly”. The government is “guaranteeing the funding for all the interventions, because the interventions remain guaranteed. I say this to the mayors, to those who have imagined catastrophic scenarios. They will be the subject of a discussion with the EU”.

“No Cuts on Day Care”

Fitto specifically touched on the controversy over nursery schools. “We have been listening for days, and I am sorry and disappointed about this, about the responsibility of this government on the nursery front. This is surreal. We in the nursery sector have worked to find solutions and change the intermediate objectives and we have identified 900 additional million for a new tender that gives an answer in this direction. Other than cuts,” he said.

“Proposed changes for 144 measures out of 298”

Speaking of the overall review of the investments of the Pnrr, Fitto explained that “over all, the government, faced with 63 reforms and 235 between investments and sub-investments for a total of 298 measures, proposes changes that concern 144 of these measures”. Some innovations are “of a technical nature, to correct formal errors and formal doubts and interpretative doubts which, if not corrected, now risk creating problems in the final part”. Others – “also in the light of objective data such as the increase in the prices of raw materials” – concern “displacements of resources proposed by individual ministries”. And again, said Fitto, “there is an assessment of 9 measures for which we are not saying what I often hear, which we revoke in funding”. If this were the case – he pointed out – “not only would we be irresponsible but we would not have understood nothing: we have developed a merit assessment on the individual measures which is the subject of a detailed work and the result of the experience of the third and fourth installment”.

“We will work to safeguard all interventions”

Fitto wanted to underline that Chigi will work “to safeguard all the interventions to the end and there will be no intervention that will run risks or problems in this phase”. When, together with the EU Commission, “the definitive proposal that we are starting to discuss today” is approved, it will be understood “which projects and for what reasons will have to be moved”.

“Fighting tax evasion is the government’s top priority”

At the end of the communications, a debate started, before the explanations of votes on the resolutions presented by the parliamentary groups. And precisely during the discussion in the Chamber, Fitto recalled that “on the subject of tax evasion in the context of the Pnrr, there are a series of measures to encourage the fulfillment of tax obligations and among the next deadlines there are targets defined in result term”. The fight against tax evasion, he added, is “an absolute priority of our government’s action”.