Pnrr, Minister Fitto: “Complete implementation framework in 2 or 3 months”

“In 2-3 months we will be able to have an organic reference framework to be able to start a complete implementation phase that can not only resolve the organizational problems of the programs in question but also try to implement a new strategy” said the minister to European affairs. Meanwhile, the Control Room on the Pnrr has started at Palazzo Chigi

“Today we have a great opportunity to pool resources over coherent and effective choices.” Thus the Minister for European Affairs, the South, Cohesion Policies and the Pnrr, Raffaele Fitto, speaking of the remodulation of the Pnrr. “This – he added – is the challenge we are facing and I am convinced that within 2 or 3 months we will be able to have an organic framework of reference to be able to change the implementation phase so that we can not only resolve the organizational issues of programs but also implement a new strategy”. (THE SPECIAL)

“Continue work on the third installment, I’m optimistic”

For the release of the third installment of the funds of the Pnrr “I am optimistic and positive. The work with the European Commission goes on. The simplification of the political debate on the third installment, as I have already said, in my opinion is of no use. The third installment consists of 55 goals as of December 31st last year and for the first time we have a series of physical goals that need to be verified, not just reforms”, continued Fitto, on the sidelines of the press conference on the Advances of the Svimez 2023 Report. Fitto defines it “a job complex that we are doing well and constructively with the European Commission”.

“Looking at the quality of spending”

“The 220 billion of the Pnrr and the 80 of the cohesion policy are many resources but there is not only a race against time to spend them, it would be wrong, reductive and limiting. But there is a theme connected to the quality of the expenditure”, said Fitto at the Coldiretti meeting. Fitto underlined the importance of looking “not only at the times but also at how these resources are spent. And this is the work we must do together because unfortunately we have seen many times in the past many European resources were spent without having produced a structural local growth”. According to the minister “this is the fundamental work that we must do in these hours, in the coming days and in the coming months and I am sure that by doing it together we will do a good job”.

The control room on the Pnrr at Palazzo Chigi is underway

Meanwhile, the Control Room on the Pnrr has started at Palazzo Chigi, which will meet for two days for a discussion with social partners and companies on the information on the Third half-yearly report on the Plan and on the review, also with reference to the modification of the fourth installment and the insertion of the chapter RepowerEu. The meeting, chaired by the Minister for European Affairs Raffaele Fitto, is attended by all the competent ministries, and is attended by representatives of Confindustria, Ance, Confedilizia, Abi and Ania. Followed by Coldiretti, Confagricoltura, Cia, Unisc and Copagri. Then there is a comparison with Federterziario, Confetra, Confeservizi, Confprofessioni and Assoprofessioni. Work will resume tomorrow at 10 with Confapi, Confimi, Confcommercio, Confesercenti and Federdistribuzione. At 11 am the Cooperative Alliance, Unicoop, Confartigianato, Cna and Casartigiani are summoned. And at 12 the table with the CGIL, CISL, UIL, Ugl, Confsal and USB trade unions will take place.

Fitto will also report on the Pnrr to Parliament on August 1.