Pnrr, Parenti (EU Commission): “Italy is diligent, no reason to believe that it will not be in the future”

Corazza (Pe): “Making Next generation Eu permanent”

The Next generation Eu model “is working, Italy up to now, and there is no reason to believe that it will not be in the future, it has been extremely diligent in determining which objectives to set itself and in achieving these objectives slowly”. This is what the director of the representation of the European Commission in Italy, Antonio Parentispeaking at an event in the Capitol on the occasion of the State of the Union speech by Ursula von der Leyen, who among other things made an important recall on the principles of flexibility and responsibility on public debt.

According to Parenti, it is on the one hand “the realization that the 2011 model could not be sustained forever, especially in a particularly complicated economy such as the current one”. At the same time, “there is also a need to continue to give those who lend the money the guarantee that it will be used for very specific purposes”, explained the director of the Commission representation. His opinion is that “if you can move into a virtuous debt relief system, then the ways to do a little more common debt will be easier“.

For its part, Carlo Corazza, head of the European Parliament office in Italy, called a step “in the right direction”, the recall of the President of the Commission, in view of the presentation in October of the proposal to reform the Stability Pact. “In the time we live in the key word is flexibility – he said – In terms of economic governance, what the EU lacks is a Treasury. The crisis linked to the pandemic has been resolved by a European debt, by government bonds that will be guaranteed in the future by own resources. These are important steps towards fiscal and economic union “. The next step, according to Corazza, will have to be”making the Next generation Eu a permanent toolto use it for defense, the energy union and the other things that are indispensable if we want to respond to the challenges we face “.