Pnrr, the EU holds back on controls: “Constructive exchanges with Italy”. Densely optimistic

A spokesman for the Commission, asked about the state of the negotiations for the release of the third installment, recalled that the regulation “requires a control framework tailored and proportionate to its unique nature as an EU spending programme”. The government is ready to put its trust in the PA decree on Monday with the new rule that limits the powers of control in progress of the Court of Auditors. “The case is closed”, says Minister Fitto, who expects a “positive assessment” from the EU on the third installment

The European Union seeks dialogue by lowering its tone with Rome but continues to press the button for controls on the Pnrr, as required by the Recovery regulation. On the other front, the government is keeping a close eye on the amendments to the PA decree, with the new rule limiting the powers of monitoring of the Court of Auditors, and on Monday the government should ask Montecitorio for a vote by placing trust in the measure.

The Commission: “Constructive exchanges underway with Italy”

In any case, the Commission is trying to calm the waters on the Pnrr: “Constructive exchanges are underway” with Italy and “the Italian authorities provide further information where necessary”, says a spokesman asked about the state of negotiations with Rome for the release of the third installment and changes to the Italian plan. “As a general rule, we do not comment on the drafts of national legislative acts”, adds the spokesman with reference to the Court of Auditors, recalling however that the regulation on the Recovery Fund “requires a control framework tailored and proportionate to its unique nature as a EU spending”.

Fitto: “Italy will not miss this opportunity”

Words that satisfy Minister Raffaele Fitto: “This clarification resolves the issue,” he comments. And he assures: “With the European Commission we are in a very positive and constructive phase which I believe will end positively without any difficulty”. On the Pnrr “Italy will not miss this opportunity: we have been working for just over six months on a plan that was born more than two years ago. I tell the opposition that the criticisms are legitimate, but we are facing a challenge not of this government but a challenge for our country. So we expect a responsible attitude with proposals on the merits”.