Pnrr, the government still needs time for changes

Among the critical short-term objectives to be achieved: new nursery schools, hydrogen refueling systems and expansion of Cinecittà. But Palazzo Chigi has not put pen to paper how it intends to change the National Recovery Plan. In any case, the European green light will be necessary

The government still needs time to understand exactly which and how many projects of the National Recovery Plan will have to be reviewed and what will have to change. These include public nursery schools, with the start of work for over two thousand new places which will be postponed because there is not time by June, as well as hydrogen refueling stations (for which there would be fewer applications than expected), but also Cinecittà, with the initial project that would be resized.

Goals to be achieved by June

Three examples of critical points of the Pnrr listed in Parliament by the Minister of European Affairs Raffaele Fitto, who rejects the alarmism on the 27 objectives that Italy must achieve within two months to get the fourth installment of 16 billion of EU funds from Brussels. All this while still awaiting the third tranche, worth 19 billion, postponed due to the findings of the EU and on which the solution should be a matter of hours.

The roadmap

In the meantime, Fitto assures that the intention is to complete what was agreed and that is to spend the over 190 billion of European money that has been granted to us on paper, making Italy the largest beneficiary of the Recovery. As is known, however, the roadmap must be respected – made up of tenders, construction sites, reforms – and we are late.

How late we are

Back with the expenditure, as certified by the Court of Auditors, according to which to recover ground we will need a robust kidney attack. But there are delays, as always highlighted by the accounting magistrates, even in specific sectors, such as for water works to combat drought, water slowdowns due to increased estimates and changes in programming.

Serves the seal of Brussels

Changes in progress which, however, are now necessary for the government to adapt the Pnrr to the increase in the prices of raw materials and to new strategies. Changes still to be put in black and white and which, in any case, will need the green light from Europe.