Pnrr, third installment of 18.5 billion paid to Italy

Fitto: “Positive EU evaluation of the 54 objectives. Continue unabated on work for the fourth instalment”

“There The European Commission today paid the third installment of the Pnrr for an amount of 18.5 billion euros“. This was declared by the Minister for European Affairs, the South, Cohesion Policies and the Pnrr, Raffaele Fitto. “The payment of the third installment follows the positive assessment by the Commission on the achievement of the 54 objectives and goals envisaged by the Plan, an assessment then confirmed by the EU member states in the Economic and Financial Committee and in the subsequent Rrf Committee”, continues the minister.

The payment of the third installment is proof of the great progress made in the implementation of the Pnrr. With this payment, Italy received 85.4 billion euros, corresponding to more than 44% of the total Pnrr. Today’s payment is also the fruit of a close and fruitful collaboration with the European Commission and the result of very demanding work to achieve very complex objectives relating to reforms in the fields of competition, justice, public administration and taxation, as well as education, the labor market and the health system. The payment also covers investments aimed at promoting the digital and green transition and supporting research, innovation and education”, explains Fitto.

Work on the Pnrr now continues unabated to obtain a positive evaluation on the request for payment of the fourth instalment and on the revision of the Plan, including the new RePowerEu chapter”, concludes the minister.


“As a result of long and important work, our nation is receiving the third installment of the Pnrr today: an important step for an Italy that finally returns to believing in its abilities“, says Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in a video message shared on her social channels.

“Today Italy collects the third installment of the Pnrr from the European Commission, for an amount of 18 and a half billion which together with those already previously taken have allowed us to collect so far approximately 44% of the entire amount of the resources of the Next Generation Eu. They are important resources – he underlines – which will be used to intervene in crucial areas such as justice, healthcare, education, the labor market and research”.

For the Prime Minister “it is the demonstration of the fruitful work that we have carried out with the European Commission, which leads us today to discuss a positive evaluation of the fourth installment and the overall revision of the Plan, including the RePowerEu chapter. It is the demonstration of how Italy and the government currently in office have addressed this issue with extreme seriousness”, remarks Meloni. “We hope for the future that even those who believed little in it will learn to believe a little more in the ability that this nation has, especially if we all work in the same direction, to achieve our goals.”