Pnrr, Valditara on Sky TG24: “91% of nursery school tenders completed”

For the Minister of Education, this is “an important and very significant figure. In the past, this procedure took four years to complete. Today the Municipalities have managed to do it in 7-9 months”

“We are very close to the objectives set in Barcelona by the European Union, i.e. the achievement of quality standards that guarantee an offer of nursery schools and kindergartens adequate to the needs of the country”. Minister Giuseppe Valditara told Sky TG24, underlining that as regards the issue of allocating Pnrr funds to Italian nurseries, “91% of the planning and awarding activity was completed by the Municipalities, it is an important and very significant. It happened thanks to the simplification rules introduced in February. In the past, it took 4 years to complete this procedure. Today, the municipalities have managed to do it in 7-9 months”. For Valditara, the collaboration between the ministry, the Anci and the Municipalities “has been particularly fruitful on a theme that is very close to the heart of families, that of nursery schools and kindergartens. It is an issue which, among other things, also affects women’s work and the birth rate, vital issues for the civil and social development of our country”.

“Mobile phones at school? Improper use is already prohibited”

The minister also commented on the Dutch decision to ban tablets and mobile phones in schools, underlining that “in December last year I sent a circular on compliance with the ban on the improper use of mobile phones. It means that it is not allowed to use it for educational purposes under the supervision of the teacher. Using the cell phone in ways that are not permitted is also a lack of respect for teachers”. When asked about the possibility of tougher measures being taken in the future, just like in the Netherlands, Valditara replied that “schools have responded well to my invitation, what must be prohibited is improper use. Defining sanctions and punishing behavior incorrect it is up to the schools.