Po drought warning, ASI publishes image from space

Highlighted the changes that occurred in the last three years

The ASI, the Italian Space Agency, has released an image of the Po from space which tells how in the winter months the Cosmo-SkyMed satellites observed the river in drought alarm. In recent years the phenomenon of drought in our country is increasingly evident. In particular, the lack of water is found with greater intensity in the regions of Northern Italy, leading to a decrease in the flow of rivers and a lowering of the level of the lakes. The difficulties of water supply have repercussions on the different agricultural cultures of our country.

In the image, the detail in the Pavia area (in the center of the photo) with the Ponte della Becca (east of Pavia) which crosses the confluence of the Ticino and Po rivers. The changes that have occurred in the last 3 years are highlighted in green course of both rivers and areas that are currently dry. The image is the result of an RGB processing of 3 images acquired by the Cosmo-SkyMed constellation from 2020 to March 2023, each of the 3 RGB channels has been associated with one of the images selected for analysis.