PokéTsume, the trailer and what to know about the new Pokémon-themed live action TV series

In the last few hours, The Pokémon Company has revealed the arrival of PokéTsume, a television series that will tell the story of Madoka Akagi in a live action manner, the protagonist who will fall in love with the Pokémon world following some disappointments in her private life and because she is unable to make her dreams come true. The first episode of the series will be published on TV Tokyo on October 19th but for now there is a lot of mystery surrounding the project. For now the show is dedicated to the Japanese market and there is no news of a possible adaptation in English. Here’s everything you can know so far about the highly anticipated new show born from one of the most beloved videogame worlds of all time.

Madoka Akagi, the girl protagonist of the show, will completely immerse herself in the world of Pokémon when her mother gives her a Nintendo Game Boy Pocket and a copy of the first game.
Fundamental to this television series is the story of the girl who acts as the protagonist: Madoka Akagi moved from Kanto to Tokyo after deciding to leave her job in a fish factory and take a job at a small advertising agency called ADventure.

As soon as she turns on the Game Boy Pocket with Pokémon Red, a series of childhood memories come flooding back to her.
Nanase Nishino, the actress who plays Madoka Akagi, said: “I was surprised to receive this offer only a few days after telling a friend that I would like to work on something related to Pokémon one day. I am very happy because I am part of the generation who grew up with Pokémon, having played most of the series, from the first to the last”.

You can watch the trailer of PokéTsume in the video that was shared on X by the official profile of the series.

Lots of news related to the world of Pokémon

This is a period of great news regarding the Pokémon universe. In fact, we remember that a Pokémon-themed exhibition was presented for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, a collaboration that caused a lot of talk. This partnership was so successful that it prompted The Pokémon Company to issue a public apology due to the capsule collection’s products running out Pokémon Center X Van Gogh Museuma sold out that threw many fans of the video game franchise into despair.

“Pokémon like Pikachu, Eevee, Snorlax and many more are at the Van Gogh Museum until January 7, 2024! Join the Pokémon Adventure and receive a special promo card to add to your collection, admire Pokémon paintings inspired by the famous works of the master Van Gogh or get inspired and draw Pikachu” we read on the official website of the Van Gogh Museum to present the Pokémon exhibition at Van Gogh Museum. “Check out Pikachu in a gray felt hat, Snorlax fast asleep, or Sunflora peeking out from among the sunflowers in Van Gogh-inspired Pokémon paintings,” the museum’s website continues.

Pokémon, a cultural product that has become legendary

Pokémon is the name of a popular multimedia franchise originally from Japan, which has become one of the most iconic and influential sagas that invade the rest of pop culture from the videogame world. The Japanese media franchise is owned by The Pokémon Company and was created in 1996 by Satoshi Tajiri. The franchise began as a pair of video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy portable console. He debuted with the video game “Pokémon Red and Green” (known as “Pokémon Red and Blue” in English) in 1996 for the Nintendo Game Boy. Since then, the world of Pokémon has expanded to include a wide range of media, including video games, anime, films, trading card games, toys, books, and various gadgets.
The heart of the series are the creatures featured in the title, namely the Pokémon. These can be captured, trained and used in battles. Each Pokémon has unique abilities and belongs to a specific type.
The name is a fruit salad word originating from the pair of English words Pocket Monsters, «pocket monsters». According to estimates by The Pokémon Company updated to 2013 and reported by the Japanese magazine Famitsū, the franchise has generated revenues of 4000 billion yen, of which 1800 in Japan and 2200 abroad. In November 2017 the company said it had sold over 300 million video games worldwide.

Below you will find the trailer of the TV series PokéTsume.