Poland, tensions with Minsk: 2 thousand soldiers on the border with Belarus

Sent in the next two weeks to the regions of Podlachia and Lublin

There Poland confirms deployment of 2,000 troops to Belarus border amid tensions with Minsk. “It won’t be a question of a thousand reinforcements, but of 2,000 soldiers – the Polish deputy interior minister, Maciej Wasik, told the Pap agency, after the news of recent days -. The decision was taken by the Security Committee”.

The military will be deployed in the next two weeks. They will be sent to the Podlachia and Lublin regions. “All crossing attempts are organized and prepared by the Belarusian services,” she accused.

Yesterday the Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, had ordered the deployment of more troops on the border after a request from the Border Guard, which asked for a thousand soldiers to support the 2,000 already in the area. Last week, the Polish authorities denounced the entry of two Belarusian helicopters into Polish airspace. Accusations rejected by Minsk.