Poland, triple infanticide after suspected double incest

Horror in Pomerania, a region of Poland, where the bodies of three newborns were found by the local police in the cellar of a dilapidated house. As part of the related investigations, a young 20-year-old woman was arrested together with her 54-year-old father. This was reported by “Der Spiegel”, citing the Gdansk Prosecutor’s Office.

The details emerged

In particular, the girl would be investigated for incest and for the killings of two newborns while the man for two incests and three infanticides. And he would also be suspected of having had an incestuous relationship with another daughter. According to what the Polish media reported, one of the newborns found lifeless was the result of this relationship. Two of the newborns had already been found on Friday evening by the police in the village of Czerniki, south-west of Gdańsk. “They were buried in the cellar. There was no floor, but compacted clay” the investigators said. “The bodies were in various stages of decomposition”, a spokesperson for the Prosecutor’s Office later reported. In recent hours, investigators have found the third dead newborn and are looking for any other bodies of newborns.