Poland, “women don’t have children because they drink”: storm over Kaczynski

According to party leader Pis, a man can drink excessively for 20 years before becoming an alcoholic, while a woman takes two years

Storm in Poland over the shocking claims of the leader of the Pis party, in power, Jarosław Kaczyński, according to which women do not have enough children because they drink too much alcohol. “If we go on with girls, young women, who drink as much as men until the age of 25, there will be no more children,” the 73-year-old political leader told Pap news agency, lamenting the low birth rate. , which in 2020 was 1.4 children per woman. Then he added that a man can drink excessively for 20 years before he becomes an alcoholic, but that two years are enough for a woman.

The opposition party La Sinistra has already announced an appeal to the parliament’s ethics commission, but protests have also come from social media. “There is a spike in hatred of women,” denounced fitness coach Ewa Chodakowska, one of the best-known Polish influencers. “Enough. I am pissed off by politicians who make unfair accusations against women instead of looking at the real problems,” added Anna Lewandowska, wife of football star Robert Lewandowski.