Police celebrates foundation year, Mattarella: “Embodies Constitution values”

Premier Meloni: “For 171 years alongside Italians with courage and dedication”

“This year we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the entry into force of our Constitution. I am grateful to express, one hundred and seventy-one years after the foundation of the Corps, the gratitude and appreciation of the Republic to the women and men of the State Police committed, every day, to realizing and embodying its principles”. Thus the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, in the message sent to the Chief of Police, the Prefect Lamberto Giannini, on the occasion of the 171st anniversary of the foundation of the State Police.

“Every day the State Police – continues Mattarella – is called to oversee the framework of legality and security necessary for the complete exercise of personal and collective freedoms. The gold medal for Civil Valor, attributed to the flag of the State Police, it is confirmation and testimony. Every day the actions against the mafias affect the claims of infiltration of organized crime into the economic fabric, strengthening the conditions for development and freedom of enterprise. Every day the commitment to the prevention of subversive-terrorist risks continues , also in increasingly strategic areas such as the security of IT infrastructures, as well as in international police cooperation, whose importance I wish to underline in the year of the centenary of the establishment of Interpol”.

“Combining rigor and balance, every day the members of the State Police are interpreters of the constitutional values ​​of solidarity and social cohesion, such as the contribution offered on the occasion of recent emergency events and the complex activity in the field of immigration and services for the integration of foreigners. The dedication to the common good that characterizes the action of the Corps, at the risk of one’s life in the fulfillment of one’s duty, represents a heritage and a precious example. To the fallen and wounded, to their families, I renew my closeness On this occasion, I extend my warmest wishes to all members of the State Police and their families”, concludes the President of the Republic.


“Best wishes to the State Police. For 171 years alongside the Italians with courage, humanity and dedication. Thank you for what you do and for always being there. Happy Easter Monday to all and thanks to those who are at work even during these holidays for all citizens, for Italy and for the safety of all of us”. This was written by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in a post on Facebook.