Policemen killed in Trieste, judges: “Meran is crazy. It is difficult to accept the acquittal, but it is the law”

The reasons for the sentence issued by the Assize Court speak of an “absurd tragedy” which annihilated the families of the young victims killed in just “27 seconds”

“An immense, absurd tragedy. All consumed within about four minutes, from 4.53.41 to 16.57.32 on 4 October 2019. The first twenty-seven seconds were enough for Stephan Meran to kill the State Police officers Pierluigi Rotta and Matteo Demenego and the remaining time, in an attempt to flee, to shoot at the address of other personnel of the Trieste police headquarters and wounding an assistant chief Cristiano Resmini, before he too was hit and subjected to arrest “. This is the premise, concise and brutal, of the reasons – in the possession of Adnkronos – of the Court of Assizes of Trieste that the 32-year-old of Dominican origin was acquitted because he was “not attributable” and ordered hospitalization in a Rems “for a minimum duration of thirty years”.

A story “apparently inconceivable”, yet “scientifically explained by psychiatric technicians; facts of unprecedented gravity that have thrown an entire community into bewilderment and literally annihilated the families of the young victims. and therefore not punishable “. The outcome of the trial “is perhaps difficult to accept by most of the public opinion, but the law provides for this in such cases: acquittal of the accused and application of a safety measure aimed at ensuring treatment for the patient and neutralizing his social danger (here easily recognizable and to an extreme extent) “, explain the judges who acquitted Meran from the charge of double murder on 6 May.

The facts are “peaceful and undisputed”, proven by “multiple and converging sources of evidence”, such as the testimonies and images of the video surveillance system of the Trieste police headquarters, the autopsy and ballistic examinations. Meran, accompanied by his brother, was that day at the police station to answer for the theft of a scooter. Frightened and upset, he asked to go to the bathroom, so he managed to get hold of the service pistol of Rotta, a 34-year-old from Pozzuoli, and shot him three times; then he fired four times at the chosen agent Demenego, 31 years old from Velletri, who intervened to help his colleague.

The reasons cover the medical history of the accused, but also the different, and partly conflicting, partisan consultations that led the judges to ask for a new expert opinion during the trial whose conclusions are shared by the court: Meran suffers from schizophrenia, a condition of “persecutory delirium” aggravated by the absence of therapies, although prescribed after the first episode of the disease recorded in Germany. For the judges “The absurd, tragic and apparently inexplicable events that occurred on October 4, 2019 are explained by the psychiatric conditions of Meran, conditions that were at the time of the fact so serious and pervasive as to completely exclude the imputability”.

During all the phases of the action, “he was immersed in a condition of psychotic fear, terror, persecutory anguish, inevitably part of the persecutory delirium”. For the judges “The very little or no awareness of the disease, the persistent presence of psychotic symptoms, the non-diminished aggression and tendency to respond with extreme anger to frustrating situations, the poor adherence and only partial response to the drugs administered lead to the belief that the risk of relapse “. All the specialists intervened in the process agree on the “existence of a high degree of social danger “ of the 32-year-old who did not elaborate “any signs of a critical re-elaboration of his own devastating conduct”.

“The very high social danger makes non-custodial security measures inadequate and therefore the application of a custodial security measure, at a suitable residence for the execution of security measures, is essential”, is the conclusion of the reasons. Yet after 90 days the transfer from the Verona prison to one Rems has not yet occurred (due to lack of places): an ‘illegal’ detention on which the defenders, lawyers Paolo and Alice Bevilacqua, are soon ready to ‘battle’.