Polish elections: Pis gets 35%, but Tusk’s coalition reaches 54%

The nationalist Law and Justice party (Pis) is first in the parliamentary elections in Poland with 35.38% of the votes. However, the opposition coalition led by former Prime Minister Donald Tusk comes close to 54%. These are the definitive results of last Sunday’s vote. The Pis led by Jaroslaw Kaczynski therefore beats the pro-European Civic Coalition (KO) of Tusk, which obtained 30.70%. The former prime minister however, unlike Kaczynski who is isolated, intends to form a coalition with two smaller groups, aggregating 53.71% and effectively becoming the real winner. The data is reported on the website of the Polish National Election Commission.

The results of the minor parties

The centre-right Third Way alliance, which declared its intention to form a coalition with the Ko, obtained 14.40% and the social-democratic La Sinistra, another partner of Tusk, 8.61%. The far-right Confederation party, which does not intend to ally itself with the Pis, with 7.16% is the last of the five groups that have passed the thresholds and enter the Sejm, the decisive lower house of the Polish parliament. The final results have a maximum deviation of less than two points compared to Sunday evening’s exit poll.

Russian reaction: “Vote will not improve our relations”

According to the Kremlin, the results of the Polish elections, which saw the parties of the pro-EU opposition win the parliamentary majority, The tense ties between Warsaw and Moscow are unlikely to improve. Relations between Russia and Poland have historically been tense, but have fallen to new lows following Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine, which began in February last year. “Honestly, it’s unlikely at the moment,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian agencies when asked whether the results could change bilateral relations. “There are no parts of the Polish establishment that have openly or even covertly hinted at the need to restore relations with Russia,” he said. “The fact remains that we don’t like the Poles, they are not friendly to us, they take a very, very hostile position on all issues that concern us. We don’t like it.”