Political elections 2022, Di Maio: “Italy risks default with the bankruptcy right”

“Bringing bills back to pre-crisis levels, this is the political priority”

“The trio bankruptcy Salvini Berlusconi Meloni in 15 days has already made promises for 100 billion euros. There is a huge problem, the country’s economic security: either they are making fun of you or, if they are serious, we risk the default “. Thus Luigi Di Maio, leader of Civic Commitment, in a video posted on his social channels.

“Zeroing the VAT” on basic necessities and introducing “the maximum gas price cap are two important objectives – he remarks – They are priorities that can be addressed with feasible solutions. But here I see a controversial policy, which very often he spends his time attacking me and the progressive coalition, when instead the priority should be to have a government capable, in recent weeks, of going to the European tables to achieve the objectives we need “.

“Have you seen the energy bills that entrepreneurs and citizens have published? In some cases they have almost increased tenfold compared to last year. This is the priority that politics must take care of. Instead we see quarrels or the absurd proposals of the coalition-wrecking coalition. he immediately wants the gas price cap to bring bills back to pre-crisis levels “, Di Maio underlines.