Political elections 2022, Sky TG24 marathon until Tuesday: TV programming

The newspaper will follow the election date of 25 September with a 360 ° coverage. It starts today at 2.00 pm with the revival of ‘Casa Italia, ideas in comparison’. At 17.00 space for the closing rallies of the parties, followed in connection until the evening. From 22.30 on Sunday to 24.30 on Tuesday, 50 hours of marathon with the special ‘The challenge of the vote’, where journalists will give updates from the polls accompanied by prestigious guests. A live broadcast that will be framed by the innovative Infinitive Studio

Sky TG24 starts this afternoon with a special program dedicated to the political elections on Sunday 25 September. The all news channel directed by Giuseppe De Bellis opens the dance by proposing again at 2.00 pm (and repeating at 10.00 pm) ‘Casa Italia, ideas in comparison’, the only format that has compared the programs of the main parties through the assembly of the answers given by individual leaders. At 17.00 space instead for all the closing rallies of the parties, which will be followed in connection until the evening. From Sunday, starting from 10.30 pm and until 12.30 pm on Tuesday, fifty hours of electoral marathon will document the outcome of the polls during the special ‘The challenge of the vote’, on the occasion of which the entire schedule of the newspaper and its journalists will be committed to guaranteeing all the updates, reading and interpretation of the data from the polls, from the turnout to the final results. In the innovative Infinite Studio, the well-known faces of the magazine will alternate with the conduction flanked by a rich parterre of guests such as Ferruccio De Bortoli, Alessandro Giuli and Agnese Pini (THE VOTING CHALLENGE, THE SPECIAL OF SKY TG24 – IL TROVAPARTITO – IL TROVACOLLEGIO – THE SEAT GAUGE) ..

‘Casa Italia, ideas compared’ is back

With Casa Italia, which will open the special programming of Sky TG24, the newspaper proposes the only format capable of comparing the programs of the main parties through the assembly of the answers given by the leaders and to emphasize only the advanced ideas to solve the most urgent and relevant problems in the country. A choice that responds to the desire of the channel to support the usefulness of the debates between politicians on TV and their importance as a fundamental moment for a more aware participation in the democratic life of the country by public opinion. With the choice to broadcast, in a new guise, the interventions of the eight party leaders, Sky TG24 has tried to find an alternative way to responsibly render a service to citizens and offer an opportunity to those who apply to represent them in a crucial moment like that of the vote.


Already at 11.00 pm on Sunday, during the special-marathon ‘The challenge of the vote’, Sky TG24 will be able to broadcast the first instant polls by Quorum / YouTrend, together with an estimate of the seats in the new Parliament and in the single-member constituencies . Later, during the night, a predictive model (‘Real Time Forecast’) will be disseminated, again by the same survey company, monitoring the count in real time and developing a model for forecasting the results of the parties and the distribution of seats: the incoming ballot data will be combined with the historical distributions of the vote and with the socio-demographic variables of each municipality, projecting an estimate of the result – both nationally and on single-member constituencies – based on a growing sample of votes actually cast.

Conductors and guests

The conducting will be alternated by Fabio Vitale, Valentina Bendicenti, Tonia Cartolano, Roberto Inciocchi, Stefania Pinna, Andrea Bignami, Luigi Casillo, Helga Cossu and Milo D’Agostino. While the data will be illustrated by Alessio Viola, Monica Peruzzi, Paolo Fratter, Roberto Palladino and Alberto Giuffrè. The team of Sky TG24 journalists, who will report the results of the vote and the reactions to it, also with links from the party headquarters and the main Italian cities, will be joined by some commentators and analysts, including Ferruccio De Bortoli, Alessandro Giuli and Agnese Pini. Among the other guests: Chiara Albanese, Marco Antonellis, Roberto Arditti, Michele Brambilla, Francesco Cancellato, Antonella Caporale, Alberto Castelvecchi, Aldo Cazzullo, Claudio Cerasa, Luigi Contu, Virman Cusenza, Pietro De Leo, Massimo De Manzoni, Veronica De Romanis, Luciano Fontana, Federico Geremicca, Alessandro Giuli, Fulvio Giuliani, Peter Gomez, Paolo Graldi, Maurizio Leo, Massimo Martinelli, Maurizio Molinari, Federico Monga, Giovanni Orsina, Massimo Panarari, Gianfranco Pasquino, Elena Polidori, Venenzio Postiglione, Luca Ricolfi, Giulio Sapelli , Fiorenza Sarzanini, Roberto Sommella, Fabio Tamburini, Paola Tommasi, Stefano Zurlo.

The Infinite Studio

For the first time in Italy, the data that will emerge during the live broadcast will be disseminated by the new and innovative Infinite Studio, based on the most advanced photorealistic three-dimensional graphics technologies. A framework that will allow to define a contemporary and exclusive level of storytelling, amplifying the skills of in-depth analysis and analysis of the data itself as well as, for the future, the possibility of telling news with new languages.

A rich range of tools

Finally, on skytg24.it the Seat Meter will continue to be available, which allows readers to view, through the electoral algorithms of YouTrend, how the national percentage data of the parties could translate into seats in the Chamber and the Senate on the basis of the current electoral system. and the interactive voting map that will update in real time to show the electoral results by region, single-member constituency, province and municipality. These digital tools, together with Trovapartito and Trovacollegio, have so far been used by over 1.6 million unique users from 5 to 21 September.

Live web and social

In addition to Sky channels 100 and 500 and digital terrestrial channel 50, the all news channel is also streaming on the skytg24.it website. The debate around the themes of the election campaign will also extend to Sky TG24’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, where it will be possible to follow and comment in real time.