Political elections 2022, the lists of Fratelli d’Italia: Meloni launches the big names

Many candidates Marcello Pera, Carlo Nordio, Eugenia Roccella and Giulio Tremonti

Political elections, final rush for the electoral lists of the Brothers of Italy. The leader Giorgia Meloni presents the names. “There are many nominations traditionally linked to the history of FdI – reads a note from the party -, but also many exponents who shared the need to work with a patriotic spirit to strengthen this political proposal, coming from other paths “.

“Among these names such as Marcello Pera, Carlo Nordio, Eugenia Roccella, Giulio Tremonti, Giuseppe Pecoraro, Maurizio Leo, Antonio Guidi, Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, Claudio Barbaro, Renato Ancorotti, Gianmarco Mazzi, Letizia Giorgianni, Fabio Pietrella, Marco Perissa , Elisabetta Lancellotta, Lucio Malan, Lara Magoni and Barbara Merlin. Ample space also for young people with the nominations of Fabio Roscani, Chiara La Porta, Nicole Matteoni, Paolo Inselvini, Giulia Baggi and Grazia Di Maggio “.

“Fratelli d’Italia has chosen to compose the lists trying to make the most of those who have spent these years to build, together with the president Giorgia Meloni, a credible government proposal for Italy“.

“Representatives of the free professions, of the productive categories, of the world of culture, sport, tourism, agriculture, associations and volunteering. To these – we read again – are added exponents of the conservative world “.

“The choices have been oriented by enhancing the parliamentary work that sees the confirmation of almost all outgoing parliamentarians. Italian citizens will be able to reward with their consent men and women coming from the administration and who have already demonstrated that they know how to work well in the interest of their communities. There are, in fact, many mayors and local administrators present “.

“Many will be personally involved with a nomination and many others who would have equally deserved it they will not be able to be part of it due to an electoral system that does not allow everyone to be involved. We will work to involve all those who want and can in this great season “.