Political elections 2022, the results in Bologna and Emilia Romagna

In the region, according to what emerges from the final data of the Ministry of the Interior, the center-right won both in the Chamber and in the Senate, followed by the center-left coalition and the 5-star movement. Fourth the Third Pole. In the capital, the Democratic Party is the first party

The final data of the Ministry of the Interior in Emilia-Romagna have decreed the victory of the center-right coalition in this region in the political elections on 25 September. Followed by the center-left and the 5 Star Movement, fourth by the Third Pole (THE RESULTS BY REGION AND MUNICIPALITY – THE RESULTS MAP – THE SEAT BREAKDOWN – THE SKY TG24 SPECIAL ON THE ELECTIONS – ALL LIVE UPDATES – THE SEAT METER – ALL THE VIDEOS – ALL THE INTERVIEWS WITH THE LEADERS).

The results of the Senate elections

When all 4,529 sections were scrutinized, the center-right won with 38.90%: Fratelli d’Italia took 24.97%, the League 7.73%, Forza Italia 5.63%, Noi Moderati 0.56%. The center-left follows with 35.85% with the Democratic Party at 27.72%, the Green and Left Alliance at 4.52%, + Europe at 3.30%, Civic commitment 0.32%. The M5S is at 10%, the Third Action Pole-Iv is at 8.48%. The other lists each took less than 2%.

The results of the elections to the House

For the Chamber, once the ballot was over, in the Emilia Romagna constituency the center-right took 38.93%, followed by the center-left coalition (35.95%), M5S (9.91%) and Terzo Polo (8.55%) . The first party is the Democratic Party with 28.10% ahead of Fratelli d’Italia with 25.02%.

The results of the elections in Bologna

Different situation in the regional capital, where for the Senate the center-left won the single-member seat with Pierferdinando Casini (40.07%). In the municipality of Bologna he took almost 44%, thus beating Vittorio Sgarbi of the center-right coalition. The first party is the Democratic Party. Same situation for the Chamber, with the center-left winning the college with Virginio Merola (45.48%).